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He is in YOU!

Dear Grace Family,

        In Romans 1:16 Paul says “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…”. These words were written during the honor/shame culture of the Greco-Roman era. Everything was about the honor of family, the honor of the tribe, the village, the city, the nation. The idea of a Messiah that would allow Himself to be crucified and humiliated, even for the greater good of all the world, seem shameful and inexplicable. It was more important to be thought of as ‘right’ than it was to be make things right. The optics were everything.

        But Paul was telling his fellow-Christians that though they would be mocked for believing that a king could be humble and gentle, they should do so with courage and pride. Because it wasn’t the biggest, richest, most rugged physical specimen that would lead the world, but the One who was willing to sacrifice His very life for even the least among them.

        We live in a bit of an honor/shame civilization even today. And, whether we acknowledge it or not, we can be expected to hide our faith to “fit” the societal norms that everyone around us is trying hard to force us into. If we don’t support the world’s skewed image of what is okay, then we are shamed and vilified. Worse, if the Enemy gets his way, we would be erased completely.

        The truth is, someone (everyone) can “shame” us, but they cannot make us “ashamed.” Like Paul we must let the world know that, whether they like it or not, the gospel of Christ won’t be diluted, changed, or subverted – because it is the only thing that has the power to bring about complete salvation for our broken lives.

        Like Jesus, we are being called to stand up and sacrifice our so-called honor to proclaim the absolute truth of Scripture. Because there are forces around us already trying to erase us, and to erode the moral fabric of our lives. And the message that the world proclaims can be compelling and seductive because on the surface it seems to be so accepting of everyone. But the truth is, it’s a lie and a trap. If nothing is considered wrong, how can anything be right?

        Though our message is one of love and humbleness, it has teeth because it is God-breathed. There is no ambiguity in the directions we were left to obey. If we begin to believe there is room for moral softness, then we are questioning whether the Bible is truly God’s Word. Is that really a question at all?

        Think of Paul’s words. He is telling us the gospel of Christ IS the power of God to salvation. It is written and recorded, and we must be so intimately familiar with it that when we’re called on to defend our position – as we most surely are – we can speak with certainty and authority.

        But I’m not just talking about being able to recite Scripture. To memorize the Word is about religion. To understand the Word is about relationship. To demonstrate with our lives what the Word really means, in humbleness and love, is what we are all called to do.

        Like Christ, we’re not defending ourselves, so we don’t have to let pride or honor be our motivation. We are demonstrating our abiding faith in the truth of God’s Word. And to do that, we must surely be able to let our “yes be yes and our no be no.”

        There isn’t any vague uncertainty in the teachings of Christ, or in the direction of God, so let’s not allow ourselves to soften our stand on what is right or wrong. We aren’t asked to judge each other - Romans 2:16 says that “God will judge the secrets of men.” We do, however, need to recognize sin for what it is. But how can we know what that is if we’re not educated and familiar with the very teaching we are to be living by?

        Let’s prepare for the coming battle, Church. It’s time to sharpen our swords and be intimately familiar with our best weapons – the Word of God, and the power of prayer.

Be blessed my Grace family, God is on the throne!

  Pastor Bobbie


  • We are in need of a teacher for Kingdom Kids one Sunday per month. Our children are our most valuable resource, so please prayerfully consider this assignment. You can get more information from Pastor Eric or Pastor Bobbie
  • Saturday, May 28, 5 - 7 pm; Cool Vibes & Taco’s; Special event featuring live music, DJ, raffles & more.
  • Saturday, June 4, 2 pm at Grace we are celebrating the new life that God is placing in the care of our church, by way of Jonathan and Lisa Nuia. Please join us for a church-wide baby blessing and potluck! We’ll be serving up chicken and dogs on the BBQ, so just bring your favorite side dish, salad or dessert to share. The Nuia’s are registered at Target and their registry name is “AmenaNuia”. Please join us as we bless this beautiful new child of God!
  • Ladies Bible study is every Tuesday night at 7 pm via Zoom –Led by Pastor Bobbie.
  • Youth of the Nations is meeting live and in person on Tuesday, 6:30 – 8 pm, at Grace. All Covid-19 precautions will be followed, so please bring masks. Youth will be entering through the D-street entrance.
  • Men’s Bible Study, every Friday night at 6:30 pm at the church. Led by Pastor Anthony Collins.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness in your tithes and offerings so we can maintain our ability to reach out to a needy world. You can give online at here, or mail your checks to 3144 N G Street, Suite 125 PMB 308 Merced, CA 95340.

Sr. Pastor Eric Domen has a passion for his flock, and for the community of Merced and beyond.  His strength and leadership are only surpassed by his generosity and passion to evangelize.  He holds a degree in Counseling, and has a heart for the people of our community. Pastor E resides in Merced with his wife and children.

Pastor Bobbie Frye is our Administrative Pastor. She has been in ministry for more than 20 years, and is a 3rd generation Foursquare Pastor. She is a writer and musician, and takes care of Womens Ministries and Worship Arts. She has a background in Procurement and Marketing, in addition to her pastoral experience. Pastor Bobbie resides in Merced.