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Grace Notes:   Be A Hero!

Dear Grace Family,

       What do you say God really needs from us? Worship, praise, offerings? If you think about it, He really has the power and authority to achieve anything. And He certainly doesn’t need any help from the flawed and inconsistent children that we’ve proven ourselves to be. I guess the answer is simply, ‘nothing’. He doesn’t need anything from us. But there is so much he wants from us. Craves, really.

       When He first formed us He had already done a tremendous amount of work creating a gorgeous universe filled with everything our physical bodies would need. And God wasn’t just a workman who designed a functional environment with sterile walls and hard surfaces. He was an artist who sculpted a world of vibrant colors and invigorating smells and sensations. From the crashing waves on the rocky coastland, to the breathtaking sight of a newborn foal taking its first breath, everything was done with precision and thought – for our comfort and pleasure.

       But then, when all that creating was done, He formed His most cherished piece yet. Us. He formed us in His image with a specific goal in mind. And more than anything, He longed for a family of humanity that He could bless, and that would bless Him.

       We spend an inordinate amount of time tearing down all that God put together. From the very environment around us, each other, and ourselves. We become so consumed with trying to understand why everything is broken, we can’t accept the fact that we’ve all been involved in the destruction.

       This week we have another opportunity to be better than we have been. Our new President and Vice President have been inaugurated into office. However we feel about that, the votes have been counted and we are being asked to turn the page. And we have never needed a re-set more than we do right now. Now is the time to try and give God what He originally longed for – a human family that would image Him and His nature. A family that would work together to continue the legacy of this beautiful world He created for us.

       With all the chaos in our country - economic downturn, racial unrest, political division and the current health crisis – today more than ever we must find a way to lay down our weapons and reach out our hands. Not giving up our core beliefs or our rights, but to extend a hand of peace and to show we are the image of God we were designed to be.

       And along with the others already serving, we must decide to be the heroes that God wants us to be, refusing to spread division and bitterness – instead reaching out with words that comfort and prayers that will bring healing to our broken land. We know that there are deeply flawed attitudes that need to be shifted in our nation, but we will never achieve the victory over them by allowing ourselves to respond with lawlessness or violence. It’s never right, on any side, or for any reason.

       We need to find our own personal heroes. Those individuals of faith who have modeled humility and servanthood their whole lives. Whether it’s the janitor at church, or an esteemed evangelist, those are the examples we need to look to when we’re deciding how we will respond. And look to the life of Jesus.

       Matthew 8:1-4 talks about a leper who needed to be healed. In spite of the risk to His own health, and the popular beliefs of the current day, scripture tells us “Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Now is the time for us to reach out to those who suffer from the disease of a bigoted upbringing, selfish ambition or godless intentions. We can be that healing touch that shows the love of God in spite of someone’s current diseased condition.

       Most importantly, as a body we must lift our prayers and petitions to the Father to heal our land and bring back stability. We know that whatever happens on earth, it is under the loving control of God. He hears us and will honor our fervent and humble requests. Romans 13:1 assures us that “there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. We can rest easy in the promise of His sovereign rule, and His overwhelming and relentless love for us.

Be blessed, my Grace family. God is on the throne!



Due to Covid restrictions we are live-streaming our Sunday morning, 10 am Worship service on the Grace Community Facebook page. While we can’t meet together in person, we can still worship together! Please go to  at 10 am every Sunday morning. There you can like the page, get all the news, and sign up for notifications of live-stream teachings and events.

Ladies Bible study is continuing on Zoom. You can join us on Tuesday night at 7 pm. For more information, please reach out to Pastor Bobbie.Ladies Bible study is continuing on Zoom. You can join us on Tuesday night at 7 pm. For more information, please reach out to Pastor Bobbie.

Thank you for your continued faithfulness in your tithes and offerings so we can maintain our ability to reach out to a needy world. You can give online here, or mail your checks to 3144 N G Street, Suite 125 PMB 308 Merced, CA 95340. 


Sr. Pastor Eric Domen has a passion for his flock, and for the community of Merced and beyond.  His strength and leadership are only surpassed by his generosity and passion to evangelize.  He holds a degree in Counseling, and has a heart for the people of our community. Pastor E resides in Merced with his wife and children.

Pastor Bobbie Frye is our Administrative Pastor. She has been in ministry for more than 20 years, and is a 3rd generation Foursquare Pastor. She is a writer and musician, and takes care of Womens Ministries and Worship Arts. She has a background in Procurement and Marketing, in addition to her pastoral experience. Pastor Bobbie resides in Merced.